BOPE Elite Unit Brazilian Military Police

BOPE (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais) is the elite unit in the Military Police in Brazil.
BOPE is composed of over 400 members and was created in 1978.
In Brazil, there are over 960 favelas, or slums, which house more than 1.6 million people. One of every five residents of the country live here.

One of the BOPE’s biggest enemies is the Comando Vermelho (Red Command), the largest gang in the favelas on Brazil

There are an estimated 210,000 weapon traffickers in Brazil.
BOPE is believed to be one of the most efficient military forces in Latin America due to the nature of crime in favelas, BOPE units have extensive experience in urban warfare as well as progression in confined and restricted environments. It also utilizes equipment deemed more powerful than traditional civilian law enforcement. 

BOPE Elite Squad T-SHIRT

Power is everything. This t-shirt with the BOPE patch Symbol embroidery (Faca na Caveira) symbolize all the power of this Brazilian Special Unit .

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UFC Champion Anderson Silva with BOPE t-shirt

Ronaldo "the phenomenon" 2 FIFA World Cups winner whith BOPE t-shirt

BOPE Elite Squad adopted the new rubber patches

BOPE Squad the brazilian elite police began using the new rubber patches, the reason is because the new ones are more durable that the old ones made in tissue. The new rubber patch also have velcro on the back that makes it easier when is necessary remove the patches for wash the uniform.

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BOPE Elite Squad Badge Beret

Faca na Caveira" (Portuguese for "Knife In The Skull"), BOPE logo and motto. Their symbol is a skull flanked by crossed knife and a pistols. BOPE captain Almeida explained what the symbol represents "The knife and the pistols represents the most basic police weapons and the skull represents the death, this two weapons flanked on the skull means the BOPE victory over the death.

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BOPE Elite Squad Patches

Bope Embroidery Elite Squad Round + Half Moon  Patch 

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Bope Embroidery Elite Squad Round + Half Moon  Patch

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Bope Elite Squad new rubber patch

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Bope Elite Squad Bronze beret badge 

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Embroidery Patches


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Two men died in BOPE ELITE SQUAD operation

Diones Nunes da Silva and Fabricio de Souza Melo, both 25, were killed in confrontation with the Special Operations Battalion (BOPE), in a raid of police on Saturday morning in the community of Maré Favela. They were brought with life to Bonsucesso General Hospital at around 9:30 am, but according to information provided by the hospital, not resisted.

The operation began around 7am, when the intelligence received information about drug trafficking in the region. According to the battalion, the two homes began shooting when the Caveirão entered the community.

UFC champion Andeson Silva visited the BOPE Elite Squad HQ

Anderson Silva "Spidersilva" UFC Middleweight Champion with 14 consecutive wins and 9 title defenses, Silva holds the longest winning and title defense streak in UFC history in BOPE Elite Squad HQ.

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BOPE takes control of Vila Cruzerio and presented the new vehicle Caveirinha

BOPE occupied the Vila Cruzeiro Favela and presented the new vehicle named Caveirinha. Made by american company Oshkosh, the 4x4 SandCats can transport 9 mens and is also used by israel army.

Bope found another .30 caliber machine gun in Rocinha

Brazilian Police Special Operations Battalion  (BOPE) found a .30 gun in the community known as Village Green, in Rocinha. This is the second weapon of this type found in the favela after pacification. According to the PM, this weapons have the capacity to bring down a helicopter.

Troupe d'elite - Tropa de elite - Elite Squad ( rap das armas )

Rap das Armas - translation English Morro do Dendê é ruim de invadir Morro do Dendê's difficult to be raided/overran (by cops) Nos com os alemão vamos se divertir (é) We and the cops will have some fun (fun = to fight, to cross fire) Porque no Dendê eu vou dizer como é que é Because now I'll tell you how the rules are here in Dende Aqui não tem mole nem pra DRE There's no mere chance here, even for DRE Pra subir aqui no morro até a BOPE treme Even BOPE trembles before entering here in our ghetto Não tem mole pro Exército, Civil nem pra PM No chance to Exercito, Civil or PM Eu dou o maior conceito para os amigos meus And I prize/value so much my friends (friends = accomplices/that belongs to same gang *) Mas morro do Dendê, também é terra de Deus But Morro do Dende is a place that was also made by God Vem um de AR15 e o outro de 12 na mão One cop comes holdind an AR15, another's holding a 12 gauge shotgun Vem mais um de pistola e outro com dois oitão And another's holding a pistol, and more one holding a 28 revolver Um vai de Uru na frente, escoltando o camburão One cops comes with a URU for first just to escort the bulletproof police car Tem mais 2 na retaguarda, mas tão de crock na mão And there are two more cops escorting in rear, but they have mere crocks in their hands Amigos que eu não esqueço, nem deixo pra depois These are "friends" that I can't forget, and can't let them pass me by (I that is, I kill them) Lá vem dois irmãozinhos de 762 And there comes two bros holding 762 machine gun (bros = friends) Dando tiro pro alto só pra fazer teste They're shooting to the air, just to make a test De INA, INBRA, Tek, pisto Uzi ou de Winchester holding INA, INBRA, TEK, UZI pistol or Winchester É que eles são bandido ruim e ninguém trabalha But these guys are the true bandits, and nobody can work De AK47 e na outra mão a metralha holding an AK47 in one hand and a machine gun in the other Esse rap é maneiro eu digo pra vocês I'm telling you, guys, this rap is really cool, Quem é aqueles caras de M 16 ? Look there, who are those guys with M16? A vizinhança dessa massa já diz que não agüenta The neighbood says they can stand it anymore Na entrada da favela já tem ponto 50 50 caliber guns have already come in the gateway to my ghetto E se tu tomar um " pá", será q você grita? And if you could get a mere shot, would you sream? Seja de ponto 50 ou então de ponto 30 It would be by a 50 caliber or a 30 caliber machine gun Mas se for alemão eu não deixo pra amanha But in case of a cop, I do not permit him to escape (in no time, I kill him) Acabo com o safado, dou-lhe um tiro de fazan I finish a bastard like this, I shoot him with a shot of fazan (bastard=the cop) Porque esses alemão são tudo safado Because all these cops are corrupt Vem de garrucha velha, dá dois tiro e sai voado They come with old shotguns in hands, then shoot two mere shots... ... and leave in hurry (leave in fear) E se não for de revolver, eu quebro na porrada But If I do not have my revolver, I finish them by hiting/twating them E finalizo o rap detonando de granada! And here I finish my rap shooting a grenade Parapapapapapapapapa Parapapapapapapapapa Paparapapaparapa kla ki bum Parapapapapapapapapa

Bope Elite Squad Caveirao With a Great Design

Who want receive a bite from this Caveirão ?

The man that inspired Captain Nascimento from movie Bope Elite Squad

His name is Paulo Storani and he inspired Wagner Moura for the movies Elite Squad 1 and 2. Paulo Storani is a former BOPE captain and now is giving lectures about leadership in Brazil

Cameraman was killed during a confrontation between BOPE ELITE SQUAD and drug traffickers

Domingos, 46, was shot and killed during a confrontation between BOPE ELITE SQUAD and  drug traffickers in favela dos Antares Rio de Janeiro. Domingos was a cameraman for the national television network Bandeirantes. 

The cameraman was struck by a shot to the chest fired from a high-powered assault rifle. Domingos was wearing a bullet-resistant vest, but it was not strong enough to withstand the blast

Four suspects were killed and nine arrested in the raid, which also netted weapons, drugs, and money,  No police fatalities were reported.

The BOPE occupied Favela of Mangueira - La Favela BOPE occupée de Mangueirae

Bope Flag and Brazilian flag in "Favela da Mangueira"

Bope Flag and Brazilian flag in "Favela do Borel"

The BOPE occupied Favela of Salgueiro and Borel. The BOPE flag and the flag of Brazil symbolized the victory over organized crime

BOPE in combat

BOPE soldiers supressing fire to cover team while they cross the street in Vila Cruzeiro. Vila Cruzeiro was being seen as a important hidingplace for drugtraffickers of the criminal gang called Commando Vermelho (C.V.). That day the local media showed footage of heavily armed drugtraffickers of the C.V. fleeing to the neighbouring Complexo Do Alemao controlled by the Commando Vermelho. During the incursions it came to confrontation between the police and the traffickers. Reports says 33 peoples have been killed mostly drugtraffickers.

Drugtraffickers waiting to "welcome" the police.

Picture taken November 26, 2010 in a shantytown in Complexo do Alemao.

BOPE sniper taking out a hostage taker

BOPE team

A BOPE assault team usually operates with 8 men. In front of the group is always the point man. His job is to open up the way, and communicate with his group by using signals. The commander or captain is always the third on in the group. BOPE also have a Tactical Intervention Unit. Those are BOPE soldiers who are negotiaters, snipers or other soldiers with special skills like detonating bombs. When the police are entering the favela drugtraffickers usually put roadblocks or boobytraps to stop the police. That is when BOPE is called.

BOPE anthem. Song of war that the BOPE soldiers sing during their daily exercises.

"Man in black,
What is your mission?
To invade the favela
And leave the bodies on the ground."

"Do you know who I am?
I'm the cursed dog of war
I'm trained to kill.
Even if it costs my life,
The mission will be carried out.
Wherever it may be,
Spreading violence, death, and terror."

"I'm the combatant
With his face behind a mask:
The black and yellow patch
That I wear on my arms
Makes me a being unlike others:
A messenger of death.
I can prove that I am strong,
If you live to tell the tale.
I am a hero of the Nation."

"It's joy, it's joy
That I feel in my heart,
For a new day has dawned,
For me to carry out my mission.
I'm going to infiltrate a favela,
My rifle in my hand,
To fight against the enemy
And sow destruction.

"If you ask from were I come
And what my mission is:
I bear death and despair
And total destruction."

"The blood runs cold in my veins
And has frozen my heart.
We have neither feelings
Nor compassion.
We love our comrades
And hate the conventionals."

"Commandos, commandos,
Just what are you?
We are only
Cursed dogs of war,
Only savage
Dogs of war."

About BOPE Brazilian Elite Squad Emblem

The BOPE emblem a skull impaled on a sword, backed by two gold pistols sends out a strong, unambiguous message. The emblem symbolises armed combat, war and death. The BOPE’s emblem, a skull with a crisscross of pistols, is believed to possess mystical powers of protection.

Tropa de Elite - Elite Squad - troupe d'élite - the movie (2007)

Captain Nascimento
BOPE was created in 1978 but this the film Tropa de Elite - Elite Squad - troupe d'élite - a fil from José Padilha shows to entire world one realistic picture of this unit. The film is about the preparations for pope visit to Brazil in 1997 and a possible replacement of Captain Nascimento (Wagner Moura) by two recruits Neto and Matias that joined to the Military Police force expecting to become honest policemen and fight the criminals. However, they see only corruption, lack of competence and stupid bureaucracy in the Military Police and after a serious incident in the Morro da Babilônia, they decide to join the BOPE. Captain Nascimento need a successor because his wife is pregnant and he is experiencing various psychological problems related with the stress of his job, he intends to quit the command and become a trainer of the new recruits.

Neto and Matias

The choice between childhood friends Matias and Neto will not be easy to Capitain Nascimento he believes that Neto could be his substitute, but his impulsive attitudes jeopardizes his choice. Later, the intelligent Matias seems to be the correct choice, but he needs to prove that he has heart.

                                Neto e Matias training

                                Favela da Babilonia drog dealers

                                 Captain Nascimento and Neto