Tropa de Elite - Elite Squad - troupe d'élite - the movie (2007)

Captain Nascimento
BOPE was created in 1978 but this the film Tropa de Elite - Elite Squad - troupe d'élite - a fil from José Padilha shows to entire world one realistic picture of this unit. The film is about the preparations for pope visit to Brazil in 1997 and a possible replacement of Captain Nascimento (Wagner Moura) by two recruits Neto and Matias that joined to the Military Police force expecting to become honest policemen and fight the criminals. However, they see only corruption, lack of competence and stupid bureaucracy in the Military Police and after a serious incident in the Morro da Babilônia, they decide to join the BOPE. Captain Nascimento need a successor because his wife is pregnant and he is experiencing various psychological problems related with the stress of his job, he intends to quit the command and become a trainer of the new recruits.

Neto and Matias

The choice between childhood friends Matias and Neto will not be easy to Capitain Nascimento he believes that Neto could be his substitute, but his impulsive attitudes jeopardizes his choice. Later, the intelligent Matias seems to be the correct choice, but he needs to prove that he has heart.

                                Neto e Matias training

                                Favela da Babilonia drog dealers

                                 Captain Nascimento and Neto