BOPE anthem. Song of war that the BOPE soldiers sing during their daily exercises.

"Man in black,
What is your mission?
To invade the favela
And leave the bodies on the ground."

"Do you know who I am?
I'm the cursed dog of war
I'm trained to kill.
Even if it costs my life,
The mission will be carried out.
Wherever it may be,
Spreading violence, death, and terror."

"I'm the combatant
With his face behind a mask:
The black and yellow patch
That I wear on my arms
Makes me a being unlike others:
A messenger of death.
I can prove that I am strong,
If you live to tell the tale.
I am a hero of the Nation."

"It's joy, it's joy
That I feel in my heart,
For a new day has dawned,
For me to carry out my mission.
I'm going to infiltrate a favela,
My rifle in my hand,
To fight against the enemy
And sow destruction.

"If you ask from were I come
And what my mission is:
I bear death and despair
And total destruction."

"The blood runs cold in my veins
And has frozen my heart.
We have neither feelings
Nor compassion.
We love our comrades
And hate the conventionals."

"Commandos, commandos,
Just what are you?
We are only
Cursed dogs of war,
Only savage
Dogs of war."